Tell Pearson


Pearson has been accused of monitoring kids’ social media accounts to protect their high-stakes tests.

Provisions in Pearson multi-million dollar contracts ban teachers and principals from talking publicly about standardized tests, including any errors.

Families are taking to the streets to tell Pearson they’re sick and tired of high-stakes tests that leave educators and kids frustrated and outraged.

Pearson is spending millions on privatized schools in the global south so they can engineer new markets for their products.

Pearson are pushing corporate-led privatization in the Philippine education system.

The Pearson 100

A group of 100 major international pension funds, labor unions and concerned shareholders—the “Pearson 100”—have joined together to TELL PEARSON to end its ruinous commitment to high-stakes testing and the privatization and segregation of schools in the developing world.

In a misguided attempt to push its test-and-punish strategy, Pearson has sought to contractually restrict teachers' rights to speak out and has been monitoring kids' comments on testing on social media. In Africa and Asia, Pearson is plowing millions into private schools to create new markets for its products. Parents and students have had enough—they’re “opting out” from Pearson tests and letting governments know that Pearson isn’t welcome.

As the world’s biggest education conglomerate doubles down on its failed strategies, the “Pearson 100” have filed a shareholders resolution that will be debated on the floor at the Pearson annual general meeting on April 29 in London.

Sign our petition to add your voice to the movement to stop Pearson’s harmful business strategies and affirm every child’s right to a free, high-quality public education.    

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